Saturday, March 8, 2014


early morning, (for me at least), woke up around 9, showered, had breakfast and then went with my aunt, uncle and cousin to look at the new apartment my aunt and uncle are moving into this summer. it's not completely built yet, but it looks really nice so far. lots of windows, open space. the kind of apartment i'd like to have.

i've been on pinterest almost nonstop looking at home decor for my and martin's new apartment we'll be moving into this summer when i move to sweden. i've never had my own apartment, so i'm super excited about that! i added a little widget to the left side of my blog if you'd like to check out my pinterest. i also pin stuff about fashion, hair and makeup :D

tomorrow, i'll go for a run since its looking to be 60 degrees or so, but i'm having a pretty lazy weekend. that's okay by me. just catching up on some of my favorite shows-- scandal!!!!, hannibal, new girl, person of interest, elementary, my mad fat diary, modern family and a few others. i never used to watch TV and then i met martin and it's all i do haha bad influence

hope you're all enjoying your weekend,


what kind of face is this?

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